Mademoiselle Margo (1889-1936) was an Irish female illusionist who did a full evening show. She got her start as an assistant to The Great Roland before going out on her own. Her assistants were all male, and her husband acted as one of her assistants. She was primarily active between 1911 and 1916.

She played the Hippodrome in St. Helens, Great Britain in 1917. She appeared there under the billing “The Mirthful Mystic in a Series of Ocular Deceptions.”

From the Magic Wand September 1914: ” We had also at the King’s the week following Mdlle. Margo, the mirthful mystic. She gives a full stage show, and specializes with her wine and water trick. After the production of wines they are handed round the audience to test that they are genuine. This part always takes well with a Dundee audience. Her turn passed off well and with her broken French patter, she kept her audience in a good mood.”

From the Magic Wand August 1916: ” Mlle. Margo, the mirthful mystic, has been delighting patrons of the Victoria Palace with her ‘ocular deceptions.’ She adds a novel touch to the ‘Twentieth Century’ handkerchiefs by causing the handkerchiefs to fly back to their positions on the stand from which they were originally taken.”

This postcard and the Wonderful Glass Jug Mystery poster above appear to feature the wine and water trick mentioned in the Magic Wand, which was the “Any Drink Called For” effect made popular by a number of magicians.

I found a mention in the November 1920 Sphinx of her taking the leading part in a motion picture but with no specifics. Since most silent films have been lost, I doubt it will be discovered.