This site is under development and not officially open yet, but if you found your way here, feel free to look around. Welcome!

My name is Belle Daily. I have been performing magic since I was 17, and you can learn more about me on my web site, BelleDaily.com. Here we focus on information that will help and inspire girl magicians to become stars and chart their own destinies.

There have been a LOT of women magicians in the past, but you might not know about them. This site will tell you about some of them in the History section. There are some amazing posters here too. They’ve been restored and I hope you find them inspiring, like I do!

There are also a lot of great women magicians working today,  and we’ll get some of them to share their knowledge and experience in our Interviews section.

In Belle’s Blog, I will share my knowledge from a long career as a magician. Some of my experience over the years has included publishing a magic magazine, owning a magic manufacturing company, traveling all over the country through magic, being a magic dealer at conventions, and getting to work with a lot of amazing magicians (men and women).

We are brand new, but please explore what we have so far. Keep coming back as we will be adding a lot of new material!