Posters of Little Known Magicians – Part 1

Here are some posters for magicians that I am still trying to find more information about. At this point I have little more than their names.

Bella Aladine

It is a beautiful poster and one would expect from it that she was relatively accomplished. I could find nothing about her.

Ben Ali and Miss Helena

Miss Helena probably acted as an assistant, but it is interesting that she gets such major billing without apparently being his wife. He is a tough one to research as there were so many Ben Ali variations. Like this Ben Ali, they were mostly Western magicians. Ben Ali Bey was German magician Max Auzinger, who was the inventor of Black Art. Achmed Ben Ali was actually William Elsworth Robinson, performing an act liberally borrowed from Ben Ali Bey. This was when he was quite young, and he abandoned it to become Chung Ling Soo, the most famous of the fake Chinese magicians. Ben Ali Libi was a popular Dutch Jewish magician named Michel Velleman who died at the hand of the Nazis in a German concentration camp.

Bellag and Aouda

They were an American vaudeville act around the turn of the twentieth century. This poster dates to 1895. Interesting to me is the title- Hungarian Necromacers. The emphasis is on the both of them. I could find nothing about their act and whether she played the assistant role or if it was more of a partner act.

Circe the Sorceress

The name is no help as Circe was the goddess of magic so I got mostly hits on the mythological version. A rock band used the image for the cover of their album. Despite all the mystical elements, she is holding a more traditional magician’s magic wand. I could not even determine if this was even a real performer. Still searching for information.


I could find nothing about her, but there were references that indicated this was a circus act. Her costuming would have been appropriate for the circus with a bit much exposed flesh for the stage. I assume that she is the same performer from the second poster below of Cortes and Maria Mahomeda. The auction sites date this second and more commonly seen poster from 1890 up to 1925. They are billed as Ilusionistas, the plural in Spanish for Illusionists, so they do get dual billing.


This 1920s era poster depicts a fairly standard spirit cabinet presentation, which usually involved the medium and someone who would tie her up and control the performance. The modern example of this was when Glenn Falkenstein and Francis Willard recreated the classic Willard Spirit Cabinet. There is not enough information on this poster for me to get anywhere.


It is a cool poster, but I could find no information on it, which leads me to wonder whether this really represent an actual performer. She looks so powerful here.